Apr. 25th, 2017

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Nonstop adulting this week after a busy weekend. Appointments made, bills paid, getting shit organized and planned out, being the hardest working crow in crowbusiness in general. If I can just get all the shit at work updated, and everyone on the same page about phase 2 of grounds procedures, I would feel pretty good about things.

But goddamn I need to color in my coloring books already. And finish reading the stuff I've got going. And figure out wtf to do about the doors on my mews and booking a plane to pdx to gtfo of Floriduh for a while and see my West coast people.

I don't suffer under conditions of solitude as a rule, but goddamn I was nearly in tears leaving Orlando this Sunday. Our interests and beliefs outside of falconry are all over the board, regardless, they are all exceptional people and I am happy to know them. I wish to hell that I wasn't so far away from them, but at least I can drive the 2+ hours to see them vs having to take a damn plane.

Wayne and Gladys were the most awesome, generous hosts - sent me home with a goody bag for me as well as the sanctuary raptors. I was grateful to be part of the fun. Delicious fish and tasty coconut beverages were had, superhero movies watched, Lindsay created her first micro hood, I managed to get my giant hood built all right too with some help.

I am not much of a dog person, but bloody hell, Strider is the cutest little wolf-corgi of doom ever. Weasel is pretty endearing too, in that in-your-face dachshund kind of way.

Feeling like I can really do this thing come August in a way I had not previously felt. Feels good man.

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