Apr. 30th, 2017

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Had tentative Sunday plans to spend all day in bed finishing the last third of The Body Keeps the Score, and possibly binge-reading the book about Dr. Genie Clark.

Instead I slept past 11, colored more wisteria and magpies, made French toast for breakfast, binge-watched Rurouni Kenshin, cleaned filthy assbaskets for my best friend Stimpy, finished up laundry, got groceries, took out the trash and compost, made crepes for dinner, worked out a wee bit, made the bed, and watched more Kenshin.

Not an unproductive day as far as grown up bullshit. Rurouni Kenshin is just Saturday morning cartoon enough to take the edge off of it. Yeah I guess I'm dreading the rest of TBKTS to the point where I'm numbing my brain with tv. WTF.

Yesterday after work I powered through The OA - which started off fairly interesting, but turned out to be complete garbage - then the first half-dozen episodes of Dear White People, which is decent but definitely feels like it was written with millennials and white people in mind. Sure it focuses around black issues, and I understand why they're slowing it down a bit for the clueless whitefolk. It would also be cool if it was just black culture, period, and that white people things were more peripheral, but who am I kidding, Netflix would probably never air it if it was too black, whatever the fuck that means.

I honestly have no idea why white people are so offended by it. Newsflash: the world does not revolve around us, get the fuck over it. FFS every other group of nonwhite people on the planet have been stereotyped to death, why is it so unthinkable that we are subject to that, too? Maybe I wanted something to get the bad taste of The OA out of my mouth, which was atrocious airy-fairy fucking white people bullshit. Fuck Aryan protagonists, fuck angels, and fuck Mary Sue.

Almost midnight, almost May, wtf. Time to dial it down and go to bed. Go to bed, Crow.

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