May. 1st, 2017

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So, took Iza into the vet this Saturday for a check up and blood work. She's about 12 years old, limited eyesight, bad allergies, and she vomits intermittently since forever. Could be any one or more of a half dozen things. They told me to give a call Monday morning for results.

...which are a repeat of her blood test results from 2014. All values smack in the middle of normal. The vet was very enthusiastic about it. "This is the kind of blood work we love to see. She'll live forever."

So eating plaster, cellophane, and spiderwebs is apparently the fountain of youth. And the aliens who sent Iza's crazy ass here read up on feline blood chemistry, but next to nothing about feline behavior.

I still think she should have gone to live with Chris because OTP trollmate. Iza doesn't give a fuck about me (she's a cat, that's her prerogative, I don't take it personally), and she's always been batshit crazy about him. The fact that I picked her out from a shelter and money was exchanged means zero to a cat. Somehow he's convinced this means ownership. Nonsense. She chose you, Pikachu. Tough darts.

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