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Well that was a weird fucking weekend.

Stayed up way later after watching Wonder Woman with Bitsy, then took a walk in the rain with C. Woke up way late Sunday morning/afternoon and was preparing to do a whole lot of nothing when I saw a facebook notification about Shark-Con...that it was starting soon and wtf I bought tickets omg me and Bitsy need to go! She was a bit cross that I had spaced it, somehow I thought it was next month. I wrestled with the GPS to get there, but once I gotto the fairgrounds I found that there was no such event going on that weekend. Double wtf??

Turns out it IS next month, and if my dumb ass had read the dates on the tickets I would have seen that lol. I do hold facebook responsible for the misunderstanding in the first place though. The page legit said that event was currently going on - however the fuck that works.

All the way north, I figured I could at least find something to do. Hit up Apollo Beach to see about the manatees, but it's closed this time of year. Eh, worth a try anyway. Bitsy suggested that I call Stephanie once we got closer to Bradenton, and I did that. She was totally cool with us stopping by for a bit, and it was nice to see her. And Maynard. Horrible horrible Maynard, that cat is so freaking cute.

Stopped at the park off Honore to see if I could find any cocoa puffs or evidence of rabbits. Didn't find that, but I did see three huge cottontails out browsing without a care in the world. Squirrels lazing around too. Even some ducks in the marshy part of one of the ponds. Kind of excited to see all of this here, could be a honey hole come fall once I've got my bird up and ready to fly.

Nerdy bird. I want a nerdy, derpy bird like Tyr. Not just like Tyr, but decently derp so I don't feel like I'm all by my bird nerd self.

I miss Lindsay and Wayne and all my Orlando people. That is all for now.

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