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Feeling more on my game today, feeling better in general. Brought Bitsy and the crew to work for Heck Off Thursday, and it was decent. Did a school program, got lots done, and didn't frighten.

Man it's been ages since I worked with Nova. He wasn't real thrilled about Joe Nathan having to put on the removable anklets, then me whisking him off to contend with rowdy school kids...I wasn't real thrilled about it either. They didn't seem to be a particularly bright bunch, Lorin kept program subjects pretty basic, and had to fend off several from trying to pet the owl. Yikes.

That said, when I got Nova back in the mews and almost off the glove, he let me give him a whole lot of behind the ear scritches and belly rubs, and was totally cool with it. He could have noped the hell out at any time, but he just chilled on the glove and let me love up on him. <3

I wonder if it is a thing for a bird to miss working with a person. Mostly I think people are a pain in the ass, and assume that birds feel the same. Maybe not. I do think that Nova was into the scritches because molting is itchy business, and the molt is definitely on.

I might need to spend some time with Nova because school programs, also Gatsby is still busy schooling his apprentice, also just because Nova is awesome and I missed working with him. He really is a sweetheart.

On the subject of assumptions and molting, it would appear that our anhinga Stabitha is actually a Stabastian. XD Stabastian is definitely not a sweetheart, and enjoys talking a shitload of smack at anyone or anything who will listen. He will fly down and demand to eat at least one fish immediately when I bring his lunch. Goddamn anhingas are so fucking cool. Still gutted about poor Julian. He was a damn sexy bird.

Looks like Lindsay is going to be taking on another falconer's RT this season - gorgeous blue-eyed western dark morph who's had some issues getting on game. She may have just gotten her general permit as a falconer, but from what I've seen, she's incredible at working with animals and doing everything she can so they can be at their best. If I can be half the falconer she is, I will feel like I am doing something right.

Still need to fix the doors to the mews. And get a coat of paint on it. And track down a cheap fridge with a full-on freezer. Also visit my bro in pdx before fall season starts. Ugh stop overwhelming yourself, crow. I will figure out how to get it all done all right. <3

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