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Hit up SharkCon this weekend with Bitsy, which was decent. Not as many shark-specific booths as I had anticipated, I always forget these kind of things have all kinds of vendors. Met a couple of the folks from the rehab near Tampa that we take in birds from on occasion, bought their calendar, which I need to bring in to work and show DP to see about doing something like that for SOS. Ran into one of our excellent volunteers who was out of college for the summer, nice to see her.

Mote was there of course, as well as Busch Gardens aka Sea World. Of course there were protesters out front of the fairgrounds, Jesus wept. What have y'all done for animals that doesn't involve complaining? Do any of them actually know about local marine life? I don't think keeping giant ass cetaceans in captivity is a good idea, but the organization does a lot more than orca shows. Wildlife rescue, education programs, rehabbing sick and injured animals. Unfortunately these activities don't fund themselves.

Watched a dissection of a spiny dogfish which was great, learned that Greenland sharks basically can live for hundreds of years if nothing kills them. Also heard a swim with the sharks guy talk about two of the lemon sharks he swims with who actively solicit him for boops. That schitt was hilarious. They seriously would seek him out and bug him until he booped their snoots. Fucking awesome.

Got a very cool book called Sharks of the Shallows, had it signed by the author and two of the photographers. All about sharks of Florida and surrounding areas, so relevant to our interests.

Chris was cooking for Mama Jan when I got home, went to hang out for a bit and ended up watching Netflix's new Castlevania series. Only 4 episodes but holy fuck, so so good. Dark as hell. Very pro-science, very anti-religion, not even subtle about it. Satanic sensibilities for sure.

Ugh so many chores I did not get to take care of today. Have to try catching up this week. Feeling my head slipping into July in not-good ways. At least I need a clean lair to mope about in while I wait for it to go away.
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