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anaisninja ([personal profile] anaisninja) wrote2017-05-04 09:56 pm

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On point and on task today at work. About goddamn time. If I could remember the breakfast and lunch and dinner thing, that would be ideal. Bites of things resembling food here and there, but entirely too much sugar.

Also could use more decent sleep, gonna try for that tonight. Got all kinds of grownup shit done yesterday, read more of TBKTS, so mind was somewhat chaotic from all that.

Watched the first episode of Death Note before bed because Ryuk and Captain Howdy decided what the hell why not, let's wake her up like that. Why Ryuk doesn't freak me out but Pazuzu does I don't even know.


Gatsby currently busy with his apprentice doing important owl shit, so lunchtime was spent bouncing back theta waves with Bitsy. Theta waves I figured out from reading yesterday. I would like to have some actual neurofeedback for real to see if that's the state I'm in, because if I can drop into it this easily, that doesn't suck.

Anyway. More post-apocalypse ecology/genetic engineering ideas, too many to go into detail before bed. Inducing evolution in humans to produce chimaeras, invoking scarab and hamerkopfs as the next wave of industrialists and architects, all manner of plans within plans. But yeah will have to update tomorrow. So many goddamn ideas.

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