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So, lots happened this weekend, and will continue to happen throughout the week. Feels good man.

Condo I usually clean had canceled guests, so I got out of work for Saturday. Which was great because I had a/c to hook up and a bedframe to build. Also caught a flash weekend sale at the health food store down the street, stocked up on some things, tried some new stuff.

Tax return burning a hole in my pocket for things I have needed/wanted for quite some time. New bed, new A/C unit, new laptop. Small things here and there, fancy bitch things.

Moving around the furniture in my room. Tired of looking at the same thing all the time, tired of things that remind me of time I'd rather not repeat.

SO goddamn happy about this new bed. Came in a box, compressed and wrapped up, but unfurled and expanded into a regular full size mattress. Clean and perfectly firm, just how I like it. No past juju from previous relationships or former owners. Mine all mine. Only for me and C. now, and it feels great.

A/C is beautifully quiet, nice and cold, but not ultra-arctic give you a headache cold. Mama Jan let me knock off $100 for rent to help pay for it. Ran around $225, I'm happy with it, probably will order another one for her once they've got the money to spare.

Waiting for new Chromebook to come in later this week. Wanted something small and lightweight to bring to work or wherever, to write or research things on the interwebs. After checking out reviews a few sites, the best ratings for small 10" screen notebook type computers were all for Chromebooks. The reviews for HP notebooks were okay, but bloatware is apparently a problem.

I already have Windows on this old beast, and a 15" screen to watch Netflix on, so I figured why not, I'm not using it for anything intense. I don't need a lot of apps, and it's immune to the malware that targets Windows. This particular model is pretty close to bombproof by design, so that will be nice for carting it around and not worrying.

Goddamn all this new stuff. Feels good having some nice things for a change. Need to clear out some of the old stuff around here, I think I'll feel even better.

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