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Not only did we make it through the hurricane okay, so did the mew.😊 Don't hate me, this lucky bitch still has electricity.

Good thing too, cleaning up water in the house without a shopvac would suck. Spent most of the morning digging a trench and moving water away from the house. Some flooding in the downstairs living room. Mama Jan has never had flooding inside before. πŸ˜”

Crack somewhere in the foundation, probably from when the gated community put up their goddamn wall.

A few limbs down on one of the trees in the front yard, and a whole lot of tree debris in general. Feeling pretty damn lucky even with the flooding.
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Shit's getting real at the bird sanctuary.

Swapping birds with other rescues, moving resident birds into pens with the highest perches and the highest ground, pitching out any releasables that are ready to gtfo. Emptying as many pens as possible. Thursday is apparently D day for who goes where in case of evacuation.

Hospital admin was talking to the director at another rescue. Her advice: take who you love.

Trying to figure out who can take what residents, worse comes to worse. We're not going to be able to take everyone.

Feels cold man

The house where I live is in zone E for hurricanes. Generally this means we're in an area that will be the last called to evacuate in the event of a major hurricane. Also I'm on the second floor. As far as Florida goes, this is about as high ground as I'm able to get.

The sanctuary is in zone A.

Figures the minute I finished my goddamn mews we'd get hit. But my dad was thinking about hurricanes the entire time when he built it, so I guess that's going to get put to the test.

I wish Creepy Craig didn't have the gazebo, the spare room, and both garages packed full of his shit, I could bring more than a few birds home. But I do have a mews and a freezer full of rabbit and squirrel.

Gatsby is a lucky sonofabitch.
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1. In Soviet Sarasota, sea level will rise above YOU.
2. Hardy panel eats sawsall blades for breakfast.
3. If you want salespeople at home despot to notice you like senpai vs ignoring you and being jerks, wear Pokemon pajamas.
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Finally got to talk to the doc about my goddamn CT scan results. Good news, there's nothing terribly interesting going on with my liver or girlybits.
Not so good news, something's amiss on my lower GI, so have to find a specialist for to do a colonoscopy. This isn't a huge surprise given that I had problems here back in 2003.

I was low-key stressed about the possible liver issue, now I'm zero stressed, just supremely annoyed at the prospect of the surgery prep, because it literally blows ass. At least they knock my dumb ass out before they start poking around up there with the alien probe.
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Stayed up late, slept late, got a late start on the mew. Goddamnit crow. Didn't have any luck printing out the directions or diagrams my brother made for me. Still stinging from the comments Mama Jan kept making about the wiring last night. Look, I fucked up, okay? Is that what you wanted to hear?

She didn't mean to piss me off, probably she was drunk. But I don't need any help getting discouraged on this thing, so kindly stfu.

Goddamn why do I get so freaked out about this shit? Goddamn I wish I had someone to help me.

All bullshit aside, I did manage to get some decent progress made. Using the sawsall went better than expected, also I somehow cut the new beam for the outside door just right so it stays put when I'm fucking around with the door. Glad I got the extra lumber for rebuilding the doors. Need sawhorses like fucking whoa tho.

Mama Jan and Craig set up the saw for me on the end of the pickup, which made cutting things way fucking easier. Angle grinder worked okay for smoothing down the staples, not pretty but effective. What a fucking pain in the ass though.

Hope I can keep this shit up the rest of the week. Goddamn can I get this done already? I feel overwhelmed still, but I also feel like I might actually be able to do this. God I hope I can do this.
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"We don't want people to think that they can hide behind Robert E. Lee's name and his life for these senseless acts of violence that occurred on Saturday...If you want to put statues of General Lee or other Confederate people in museums, that makes good sense." ~ Robert E. Lee V

If even the great-great-grandkids of General Lee identify what happened in Charlottesville as a demonstration of hate and not a defense of heritage? It's high time to call out the haters.

If you've seen the Vice documentary, none of the demonstrators mentioned a thing about preserving Southern history, or why this monument was personally important to them. They had a lot to say about how far they traveled and how well-armed they were. They had more to say about the subhumanity of people who don't have white skin, people who aren't straight, Jews, Communists, etc. They came with loaded intentions and brought them to someone else's back yard, looking for an excuse to start shit.

This is not like having a debate about the role of the federal government or the interpretation of an amendment. It's not a matter of criticizing the motivations or logic of someone with a differing viewpoint. Nazis and white supremacists don't even view their opposition as human. There cannot be mutual respect because by their own definition, they refuse to acknowledge that someone different is worthy of respect. You cannot find common ground with someone who doesn't believe that you have the right to exist.
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Beyond maxed out at work. Every time I come in extra early to try and get ahead, some goddamn situation comes up and eats all my time. Motherfuckers better be paying me for the time I'm working past normal hours to get them stocked up and prepared. I don't think that they'll miss my crazy. They are going to miss the extra work that won't magically happen when I'm not around.

Goddamn it, I miss Gatsby. My inner hater has been itching to vent with him. His padawan should be getting released FINALLY this weekend. It's only been, what four months? Maybe we'll get a chance to hang on Monday before I go. There's so many ways that people should go fuck themselves, and Gatsby knows all of them. So soothing to hear him describe it all in detail.

Beyond fed the hell up with the docs. Yeah fucko, thanks for reminding me of my appointment in three weeks, but the reason I'm calling the goddamn nurse line to get results is because I'm *not* able to come in the next three weeks, cock-knocker. Also there's nothing to guarantee that the doc won't cancel the appointment the day before I come in (like they did last time). Never really did get a good explanation of what was up with the ultrasounds.

Maybe I'll call the radiology place and pester them for results. It's my goddamn liver. I pay for this shit, you take the fancy pictures, just give me a general idea of wtf they mean.
At least give me a goddamn lollipop or some stickers. Does that make me a commie? I mean, I don't think lollipops and stickers are an inalienable right, I think it's just good manners to offer them after you poke someone with sticks, and I'm gonna stop here because I feel like this is going somewhere *terrible*.

Thought the July funk had finally fucked the fuck off, lolwaitno. Brain, you're fired.
Oregon can't come soon enough. Need to spend time with my bro and see my people.
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We have a resident roseate spoonbill at the sanctuary now. Wing too jacked up to fly, but an excellent appetite and sassy af. She scampers through the flight pen with the rest of the crew - two big white pelis, the oystercatcher, whatever gulls, terns, and ospreys are convalescing. She turns circles in the pond, swishes her spoony bill in the current when the faucet's turned on, pokes around the edges trying to figure out where the water's gone when it's shut off.

I saw her boop the sandwich tern's snoot. Walked up to Reuben while he was preening, tried to nibble his pointy little beak. What else would you call that? You can't bite someone with a spoony bill. She nibbles at Houdini the herring gull's toes when he wanders into her way. Probably she would boop him too if he sat still enough. Would she boop my snoot if I sat still? There's plenty snoot to boop for sure.

Trying to think of names that are badass and pink, and Julie suggested Princess Bubblegum. I like it. Dunno what kind of bird would be Marceline the Vampire Queen. Maybe the little female white peli? She has a bizarre habit of walking up to an osprey, picking it up in her pouch, and moving it out of her way. Poor osprey don't even know what's happened. XD The big male white pelican kind of acts like Ice King. Bubblegum isn't intimidated by him or anyone else. She's freaking adorable.

She's not on the birdwalk yet, still waiting for baby bird season to settle down so we can play musical habitats. I think the plan is for her to go in with the night herons, little blue, and snowy egret. Social dynamics are a bit touchy with the night herons playing house, probably Bubblegum is just the thing to shake it up enough so they get over themselves already. Maybe she'll boop everyone's snoots until they behave.
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If I have to mainline iodine and chug a barium slurry for a CT scan, I should have at least one bodily fluid that glows in the dark at the end of the day. Or I should get glossy 8x10 photos of my internal organs, suitable for framing. WTF do I pay these people for, seriously.
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Chaos dial still cranked all the hell up to eleven.

We do have running water, which is fantastic and not to be taken for granted.

One of the ospreys bumrushed the hallway into the caracara pen for reasons unknown. Usually new things stress Armando out, but he was very chill about his new bumbershoot buddy. Trying to shoo the osprey back into his respective pen was freaking both of them out, so I said fine, you can have a playdate while I'm here. Which turned into lunch. Which turned into them hanging out all day by the pool.

The only time Armando started to chatter was when I managed to bamboozle the bumbershoot into stepping up on a branch so he could get an airplane ride back to his pen.

This is a thing, actually. Bumbershoots rarely wander over to their shower stall, but they can be coerced into stepping up on a branch for an airplane ride there. They will grip the branch firmly and flap their wings as hard as they can while I carry them over. I wish I was kidding.

98 F in the kitchen this morning. A/C unit is legit FUBAR, and we are at the mercy of LG. One of the board members brought in an industrial fan which is set up in the kitchen, and it is amazing. It's actually cooler inside than outside once we get the doors open.

New washer was supposed to be delivered yesterday, but they forgot to put it on the truck.

You read that right. They forgot to put their delivery item on their delivery truck, and attempted to deliver. That's some potato-tier service right there.

So this is what the work week looks like:


If you πŸ˜„ LikedπŸ˜„ Dude, Where's My Water Pump' then you will πŸ’–LOVEπŸ’– Dude, Where's My Washer! Starring the scintillating staff and volunteers at SOS you already know and love to laugh at/with, don't forget to stay tuned for ❄ Dude Where's My A/C Part 2!! ❄

Brought to you by This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things productions.
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If someone could crank the chaos volume down a few notches that would be fantastic. Tuesday pushed it over the top and into absurdity.

Lightning struck at least three times at work today. First strike knocked out the water pump. Second fried the AC unit on the hospital building. Third electrocuted one of our local mooch egrets.

Our maintenance lord and savior was thankfully able to replace the breaker for the pump, so we've got running water. AC repair dude got there within a few hours, was on the roof when I left work this evening. Hopefully there's fully functioning AC when I come back on Thursday.

Nothing we can really do for the bird. Not sure if I have it in me to serve it up to the GHOWs. Does that qualify as cooked meat? I think that's a no-no for raptors.

No problem offering wild food like squirrels, raccoons, and possums; I don't particularly enjoy cutting them up. I do like watching the birds get enthusiastic about soul food. Had a fledgling English sparrow with deformed legs that we obviously couldn't keep; snapping his neck fucking sucked, but when I gave it to Armando, he was practically dancing with it. That counts for something.

The roadkilled kittens did not go over well with Gatsby and company. Cutting into them did not feel good at all. If they're not going to be eaten, there's no point in doing it. They smelled terrible. Not like owls care, but I can't imagine they tasted very good. Don't vegetarians taste better as a rule?

Running on less than a skeleton crew at work for the last month. Double shifts at the weekend gig because summer vacationers. Passing the hell out before nine most nights wtf - usually I can't drag myself into bed before midnight. Still so much I need to get finished before fall gets here. Feeling like an idiot for not getting it done sooner, and generally wanting to crawl into a cave which is not helpful At All.

Fortunately we've got two new hires coming on board in a week and the vacationers will drop off late August, so things should slow the hell down so I can catch my breath and get my shit together.

Man I have to wonder wtf the health department is thinking when they call half a dozen times, and don't bother leave a message until it's too late to call them back. Apparently the ultrasounds came back with something that caused my doc to refer me for a CT scan without discussing what might be going on. But they cancelled my appointment for tomorrow at the last minute, so I'm going to have to reschedule to find out what's going on.

It might be nothing. It might be a thing of needing to cover all their bases. Or a thing of 'hey this person has insurance that covers this so let's look at some neat pictures because we can'. Is that even a thing? Doctors: how do they work?

Anyway. Going to get the hell out of Dodge to see my brother in Oregon before trapping season starts. To my West coast people - I will be invading your air space August 8th through the 19th.

Goddamn I want to get my shit together already. I need to get my shit together already. Let's fucking do this already.
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Fucking exhausted.

All week fucking exhausted. Blindsided with depression and tired af. Thursday night I hit the bed at motherfucking seven pm, because tired. I did wake up around 9:30, poked around on the interwebs for an hour or so, then back to bed with me.

Did wake up feeling pretty good. Got a lot done. Staff meeting went better than expected, which was a relief. J said she always had feelings of dread before a meeting, I agreed it was a thing for me too. Got some things out in the open that will make it harder for those prone to inertia to hold the rest of us back.

We've got two new people starting in a couple of weeks, which is great. Ch is scaling back to one day a week, a goddamn shame. Wondering if she even applied for the FWRA scholarship now.

Wish DP knew something about wildlife medicine, that way he could call them out on their low effort bullshit. So goddamn frustrating to have them justify the lack of action towards stepping up their game.

Maybe putting together the bird keeper manual will prod them into developing a similar guide for hospital. Not holding my breath on it though.

DG showed me how to use the sawsall, borrowing that from work for something I need to do: finish up the motherfucking mews. Ask about what kind of paint inside/outside. Also touch base with Terry about stuff, in particular the possibility of transfer for Tyr.

Parts of it I feel good about. Parts of it not so much. I really want to have the experience of starting at ground zero from trapping through training. Although it might not be a bad thing to have an experienced bird if my energy level is fuxx0red the way it's been lately.

I see the doc and gyno next Wednesday, see what my test results are all about, also ask about HRT. Christ it's weird to think about it. I don't feel like I'm of some kind of age, but I am cool with being over the slave to biology thing.

Okay signing out. Try to keep the gun out of my mouth for the rest of the month. So far so good.
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OMG holy fuck I did all the things Monday night. Where the fuck did the energy come from, I was dragging ass at work after having to pull a 2LiveCrew yet again. At least I had Julie working with me, she's got my back when shit is fucked.

Bought work groceries, cleaned mesa blanca, did laundry, mopped floors, changed sheets, showered, fixed stir fry for a very late dinner, but goddamn did I need it.

How the hell do I pull this shit off.
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Hit up SharkCon this weekend with Bitsy, which was decent. Not as many shark-specific booths as I had anticipated, I always forget these kind of things have all kinds of vendors. Met a couple of the folks from the rehab near Tampa that we take in birds from on occasion, bought their calendar, which I need to bring in to work and show DP to see about doing something like that for SOS. Ran into one of our excellent volunteers who was out of college for the summer, nice to see her.

Mote was there of course, as well as Busch Gardens aka Sea World. Of course there were protesters out front of the fairgrounds, Jesus wept. What have y'all done for animals that doesn't involve complaining? Do any of them actually know about local marine life? I don't think keeping giant ass cetaceans in captivity is a good idea, but the organization does a lot more than orca shows. Wildlife rescue, education programs, rehabbing sick and injured animals. Unfortunately these activities don't fund themselves.

Watched a dissection of a spiny dogfish which was great, learned that Greenland sharks basically can live for hundreds of years if nothing kills them. Also heard a swim with the sharks guy talk about two of the lemon sharks he swims with who actively solicit him for boops. That schitt was hilarious. They seriously would seek him out and bug him until he booped their snoots. Fucking awesome.

Got a very cool book called Sharks of the Shallows, had it signed by the author and two of the photographers. All about sharks of Florida and surrounding areas, so relevant to our interests.

Chris was cooking for Mama Jan when I got home, went to hang out for a bit and ended up watching Netflix's new Castlevania series. Only 4 episodes but holy fuck, so so good. Dark as hell. Very pro-science, very anti-religion, not even subtle about it. Satanic sensibilities for sure.

Ugh so many chores I did not get to take care of today. Have to try catching up this week. Feeling my head slipping into July in not-good ways. At least I need a clean lair to mope about in while I wait for it to go away.
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Brought the barred owl from work home for a soft release. He's chilling in my mew until after the 4th. Fireworks bad for releases.

Thought it was the mean reds, but it's just July. Early part of the month still fucks with me. Sledgehammered with depression when I got home from work, just no motivation and feeling not-real. Fuck this shit.

Need my strange man to pay a visit and stay a while.

Gonna take refuge on tiger mountain for a spell.
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Summer at the beach condos means more families with small kids, which generally translates to extra laundry (especially bedding), greasy handprints on the windows and mirrors, along with stray cereal and crumbs all over the place. I swear some of the parents spray their kids' hands with WD-40 and tell 'em to have at the sliders.

Upside: I never need to buy paper towels and toilet paper, and I make out like a fucking bandit in the way of water and groceries. Anything I don't want to eat I can bring to work and usually find takers. Extra condiments are nice to have on hand in the work fridge too.

Yesterday I came home with untouched leftovers from the Cheesecake Factory - chicken alfredo, macaroni and cheese, beans and rice, and some kind of seafood taco, passionfruit lemonade, organic eggs, rolls, English muffins, cheddar cheese sticks, spinach, cucumbers, strawberries, all kinds of ice cream. And a giant ass box of Lucky Charms, which Captain Howdy and Bitsy are happy about.

I'm happy about it too, any money I don't have to spend on groceries will help me get me through those two weeks of August that I'm taking off for Oregon. Or at least pay for shit that I need now.

Have to buy some 2 x 4s and an angle grinder to finish my mew. DG has a sawsall that I can borrow, I already have a hand drill. Have to get my ass motivated to sell some things been sitting around that I don't need. I did manage to pull out the particle board from the floor, and unscrew the windowpanes to show DG, so there's that.

Why is it scary af to ask for help from people I know are cool with helping me? Don't answer that, I already know.
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Sometimes when I'm fatigued as hell I forget that it's a thing. But when I fucking well need to get shit done, I'm the hardest working crow in crowbusiness.

Work was ridiculous today. T called in sick, and Ch needed to help her mother with moving after her morning shift, so this left me with no afternoon help. Also she wasn't feeling well, so I managed to knock out birds of prey and the entire back area by myself, along with fixing plates and feeding everyone, along with getting the rathouse and stock done, along with splitting up and bagging the chick and mice order, along with getting the resident board updated and notated so people know wtf is going on tomorrow. Got everything picked up, owl plates down, two thirds of the dishes done, and kitchen in decent shape. Parrots, cranes, and taking the trash out was all was left to do when I had to jet at three for my doctor's appointment.

Three different ultrasounds today, Jesus wept. Found out this morning I needed to fast four hours before hand and drink 32 oz of water immediately before. Actually this was okay since skipping lunch meant one less thing I had to do haha. Hydration is not a problem when working my ass off/working outdoors. I would not be standing otherwise.

Got home in decent time, showered and got dressed and to the appointment right on time, exams were not as bad as I expected. Last annual still creeps me out when I think about it. Ugh, at least I can go three years before the next one

D is on vacation for the next week, which means Princess C is filling in for her a couple extra days.

Christ if there was any question of her being a goddamn princess, this morning summed it up. Bird was in the dropbox, needing to come up and go into triage... C said she had to wait for J to come get it sinceshe's allergic to grass and didn't want to walk through it and get itchy feet. Are you fucking kidding me, there's an injured bird that needs your help, and you're worried about itchy feet? She also made G mow a little path from her car to the walkway so she didn't have to walk through it. Does she have any idea how ridiculous she sounds?

God I'm glad she's leaving soon. Mediocre, low-effort, spoiled ass princess. She flat-out states that she wants no responsibility. She doesn't have any interest in improving her game, does the bare minimum, brings nothing to the table. If I'm feeling extra petty, which I am, I would say she's not over the fact that she hasn't scored a trophy wife gig and secured a steady meal ticket. That's the kind of female she is. The kind who wants to legit catch a man, lol. You are not a prize, men are not pokemon.

Keeping my fingers crossed for a partial scholarship to FWRA. D got in in rec letter for me and Ch this week, feeling good about that, relieved I didn't have to bitch and beg at all. D has been getting on her game the last few weeks, I say as many encouraging things as I can and offer as much help as I can because this makes me glad. I want our game to get better,
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Stayed up until 3, then slept past noon, fuck yeah. First time my body hasn't ached something awful.

Did a fat lot of nothing most of the day, rewatching GoT and fucking around on the interwebs. Got all the usual chores done towards the evening, even some light lifting and list writing.

Trying not to stress the fuck out about getting the mews done. And the trip to pdx. And the canoe tour immediately after. And FWRA in September. Goddamn it crow, stop stressing yourself out.
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Driving home from Saturday job, I catch sight of a bird riding on a thermal, which I recognize as a stork. What business does a stork have soaring that high? None that I know of really. Other than they fucking well can.

I wonder how the stork came to do such a thing. Did they see other birds up there and decide to give it a try? Is there a reason we don't know of that would be a practical purpose for storks to soar? I've seen other birds on thermals who also have no logical reason to be there; anhingas, a white egret, a small pajama party of bedbirds.

I would like to think they do it just because they can.

On the subject of storks, Freckles and Speckles have been loitering around the sanctuary, working the Catholic guilt for snacks. Curious if red tide is getting up there again. They seem to come inland every time the K. brevis counts start to rise.
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Okay so after kind of losing my schitt last week, things are getting better as far as headspace. Despite my body aching in that third shift exhaustion kind of way.

Even with the goddamn well pump checking out yet again this weekend, even with the Tuesday program I couldn't do because nobody bothered to get Nova's anklets on over the weekend. Guess when nothing of note gets done? Sigh.

Monday I brought French toast casserole and brownies like a goddamn boss. I also brought my leather daddy hat and reprimanded Joe Nathan for not texting me happy father's day for the lulz. New volunteer helped out on grounds, as did Chelsey's bf, so that didn't suck. Somehow I stayed up too late Monday night again, and was hurting the following morning.

I have to not do that on Tuesday/Wednesday. Need to try doing that list of things to get done before interwebs and see how that goes.

Tuesday actually did not suck. David G brought in French toast casserole after reading the recipe on Linda's facebook haha - I put mine back in the fridge and said nothing about it, he didn't need to know. I think his turned out better anyway. George and Suzanne gave me a pair of feather earrings that they got when visiting the tribe out west, which made me feel something humble and nice. Just when I think nobody gives a goddamn. I need to keep giving a goddamn and ignore the fuckery around me.

Speaking of fuckery, I have the awful suspicion that Dana is going to jerk me and possibly Chelsey around on giving the okay to FWRA for scholarships. She knows DP already fucked me over on last year's conference and that I could really use the help. If she makes up excuses why, I'm going to call her out on it. She couldn't be supportive of me or happy for me when I attended last year, even though it directly benefitted the organization. She was just pissed that she didn't get to go, and pouted every time the subject came up.

Jealousy is an ugly, ugly thing. It colors so much of what she does with other people and things in her life, too. Man I need to stay on the lookout of anything in my own behavior that might involve jealousy. Shit is poison.

In decent news, I talked to my dad about fixing the doors and window on the mews; he's going to write up some directions for me to walk me through - he may also find a way to get back down here to help me out. My dad is awesome like that.

Also makes me feel something humble and nice. Awesome also is my bro buying my plane tix out to pdx for a visit in August. Finally picked out some goddamn dates, gonna do it. Will feel good to get my head out of this place for a while. Taking off two weeks this time, instead of the usual 5 days. I really need to reset my head as far as the tunnel vision of eat breathe sleep birds.

This trip may also have the side benefit of giving my coworkers a wakeup call of how things run when I'm not around to oil the machine. Or maybe not. I kind of hope they get it though. Tired as fuck of being taken for granted.

Took a walk through the mangroves with C. after work Tuesday. Storm coming in, tide low, hints of red tide. Random goofy ass bedbirds wandering around. Homecrows all over the place. Freckles and Speckles the storks wandering around working the Catholic guilt like they don't have to because they know I'm a fool for them. Birds make it all worth it. Hoping I'm going to have my shit together by mid August so I can get my hawk on ASAP. I hope I get this shit down. I hope I'll be decent at it and make my falconry peeps proud.

I am excited and honestly scared in equal proportions.

I wish it wasn't $250 for neurofeedback to try and rewire my brain to bust through the bullshit that always comes up every time I try to do something worthwhile.

Seriously though, I'm not done.

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