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Still no goddamn AC at work. Third week already and the parts still have not arrived. Bossman is supposed to be back from Tahoe on Thursday. I would be curious to know what he would do if the AC went out in his office. I wish I knew how to hijack that shit. That might get results. More than going on strike, which is what some of my coworkers have been entertaining. The worst part is that the birds get shafted if we strike, but honestly I don't know what else we can do to the get the point across to bossman that something needs to happen.

Hijacking the office AC would be ideal. It would not affect the birds, but it would affect the offending party. Goddamn I hope it goes out and he gets filthy sweaty before it's fixed. Goddamn that would be hilarious. Goddamn I am over this shit.

Best part of this week so far has been finding a roadkilled squirrel. I split it up between Armando the caracara, Ruby the turkey vulture, and BJ the redtail. They all appreciate a good meal, unlike some very spoiled picky black vultures *cough* Stanley and Stella. Also I found a dead anole today and gave that to Armando as a breakfast treat. Hopefully he liked that too.

I want to build some little hidey-holes in his enclosure so he can cache things away for later, or so I can put food there for him to find. When I brought his lunch in a tea box on Monday, he searched through a few of the leaf piles before opening it up and getting his lunch. That made me think he would like it hidden in several different places vs in one large portion. I did that today, and he seemed to enjoy it. He took his time finding each snack. Goddamn he is a different bird since starting food enrichment. Feels good man.

Bumbershoots have forgotten where the shower is again. Not terribly surprising. They will step up on a branch and let me give them an airplane ride to the shower, which is vastly preferable than chasing them or physically picking them up and putting them in it. They seem to like riding over, but who can see into the mind of bumbershoots? Not a lot going on up there.

Man fuck this heat in the ear already. So exhausted when I get home, it's all I can do to not fall asleep in my chair before I get ready for bed.

Need to schedule a couple of ultrasounds for my guts as indicated by the doctor. Really not looking forward to the vaginal one. That is the stuff of nightmares. Hope I don't freak out on the tech. Hope the tech isn't a creepy old dude. Hope they don't have to touch me. The longer I go without the more creeped out I get when someone does. Thinking about when it's C. doesn't creep me out, but that's different. Way different.

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