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Sometimes when I'm fatigued as hell I forget that it's a thing. But when I fucking well need to get shit done, I'm the hardest working crow in crowbusiness.

Work was ridiculous today. T called in sick, and Ch needed to help her mother with moving after her morning shift, so this left me with no afternoon help. Also she wasn't feeling well, so I managed to knock out birds of prey and the entire back area by myself, along with fixing plates and feeding everyone, along with getting the rathouse and stock done, along with splitting up and bagging the chick and mice order, along with getting the resident board updated and notated so people know wtf is going on tomorrow. Got everything picked up, owl plates down, two thirds of the dishes done, and kitchen in decent shape. Parrots, cranes, and taking the trash out was all was left to do when I had to jet at three for my doctor's appointment.

Three different ultrasounds today, Jesus wept. Found out this morning I needed to fast four hours before hand and drink 32 oz of water immediately before. Actually this was okay since skipping lunch meant one less thing I had to do haha. Hydration is not a problem when working my ass off/working outdoors. I would not be standing otherwise.

Got home in decent time, showered and got dressed and to the appointment right on time, exams were not as bad as I expected. Last annual still creeps me out when I think about it. Ugh, at least I can go three years before the next one

D is on vacation for the next week, which means Princess C is filling in for her a couple extra days.

Christ if there was any question of her being a goddamn princess, this morning summed it up. Bird was in the dropbox, needing to come up and go into triage... C said she had to wait for J to come get it sinceshe's allergic to grass and didn't want to walk through it and get itchy feet. Are you fucking kidding me, there's an injured bird that needs your help, and you're worried about itchy feet? She also made G mow a little path from her car to the walkway so she didn't have to walk through it. Does she have any idea how ridiculous she sounds?

God I'm glad she's leaving soon. Mediocre, low-effort, spoiled ass princess. She flat-out states that she wants no responsibility. She doesn't have any interest in improving her game, does the bare minimum, brings nothing to the table. If I'm feeling extra petty, which I am, I would say she's not over the fact that she hasn't scored a trophy wife gig and secured a steady meal ticket. That's the kind of female she is. The kind who wants to legit catch a man, lol. You are not a prize, men are not pokemon.

Keeping my fingers crossed for a partial scholarship to FWRA. D got in in rec letter for me and Ch this week, feeling good about that, relieved I didn't have to bitch and beg at all. D has been getting on her game the last few weeks, I say as many encouraging things as I can and offer as much help as I can because this makes me glad. I want our game to get better,
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