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Summer at the beach condos means more families with small kids, which generally translates to extra laundry (especially bedding), greasy handprints on the windows and mirrors, along with stray cereal and crumbs all over the place. I swear some of the parents spray their kids' hands with WD-40 and tell 'em to have at the sliders.

Upside: I never need to buy paper towels and toilet paper, and I make out like a fucking bandit in the way of water and groceries. Anything I don't want to eat I can bring to work and usually find takers. Extra condiments are nice to have on hand in the work fridge too.

Yesterday I came home with untouched leftovers from the Cheesecake Factory - chicken alfredo, macaroni and cheese, beans and rice, and some kind of seafood taco, passionfruit lemonade, organic eggs, rolls, English muffins, cheddar cheese sticks, spinach, cucumbers, strawberries, all kinds of ice cream. And a giant ass box of Lucky Charms, which Captain Howdy and Bitsy are happy about.

I'm happy about it too, any money I don't have to spend on groceries will help me get me through those two weeks of August that I'm taking off for Oregon. Or at least pay for shit that I need now.

Have to buy some 2 x 4s and an angle grinder to finish my mew. DG has a sawsall that I can borrow, I already have a hand drill. Have to get my ass motivated to sell some things been sitting around that I don't need. I did manage to pull out the particle board from the floor, and unscrew the windowpanes to show DG, so there's that.

Why is it scary af to ask for help from people I know are cool with helping me? Don't answer that, I already know.
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