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Queequeg also is very cuddly. <3 )
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Cannoli is one of the (many) resident lizards. The rusty toy cannon in the laundry room serves as her lair. I was about to move the toy and stack some paint cans on the shelf. When I took notice of her reproachful stare, I reconsidered. Then she let me pet her. :)

She's tiny, and her tail's a bit busted, but she's vigilant. She likes to perch on top of the cannon as though she's ready to fire, but I've yet to be quick enough to catch her on film.

A couple pics of Cannoli and her cannon. )
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This is my friend Moe. He's a Red Eared Slider. Chris brought him home when he was a kid, along with another turtle, Curly. They're pretty big now; they'd have enough room in your bathtub to frolic, but only a bit of wiggle room in the bathroom sink. Larger than a ferret, but smaller than a lap cat.

Moe's a social fellow, and always swims up to me when he sees me heading to the pond. He'll let me pet him between his eyes, under his chin and on his front claws. I like to bring him snacks. Usually snails, but also watermelon, green beans and red lettuce. His favorite is turkey. It was so good that Curly got over her shyness and swam up to me for a snack, too. I can't give them too many - red eared sliders are notoriously greedy. That's Moe all right.

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