Apr. 15th, 2017

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So it's done. My main lj account has been imported, all 1000-odd entries of it. There is one more account I'd nearly forgotten about that needs import as well. Delete and purge soon to follow. Fuck the new Livejournal regime. I am grateful for the new space I have here.

One thing I neglected to mention in my first entry here, that I mean to remember. The last creature hiding in the fucked up trunk of horrors that was Thursday, I finally received a copy of Wendy Carlos' Beauty In the Beast. I couldn't listen to it then, too exhausted, but it was waiting for me in the morning. I brought Bitsy with so we could listen on the way to work.

It's not something I would listen to with anyone else. Especially since 37 seconds into the second track, I lose it and can't stop crying. It doesn't sound like music made with instruments, it sounds like it was recorded from inside an organic, living thing. Last thing I listened to like that was Skincage's album Axon. A different kind of animal, but from the same part of outer space.

It's not something you should listen to without having to concern oneself with the reaction of someone else, it feels too personal. Bitsy isn't that kind of someone though.

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