Apr. 21st, 2017

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I prefer not to be a drama queen if I can help it. Given the nature of my mental condition, it's something that happens on occasion. Mostly I can keep that shit on a leash. Mostly. Today a thing caught me off guard, and hot damn it was one of those times.

I was on my motherfucking game for the most of the past couple of days, given the amount of work I got done while feeling less than 100%, and doing a decent job with Gatsby for the school program. I was getting ready for Friday to wind down, so I could go home and work on some signs with Bitsy for the Science March.

Then I get this text from Lorin at the front desk. My old school friend K is down there waiting and told her the cutest story about when we were kids blah blah fucking blah. I told her to relay the message that I would not be coming down there to see K and not to bother waiting.

There's a couple of things guaranteed to put my blood pressure through the roof (120/60 is weirdly high for me). Surprise visitors are one of them. Fucking HATE that shit. Fucking text me FFS. Especially when they are someone you haven't spoken to in literal decades, have some mixed feels about in general, and they decide to show up at your work unannounced and uninvited.

About a week ago she messaged me something about being in town for a swim around one of the Keys, with stupid smug smileys and no real plan. I texted back that it was a busy weekend for me, and I was working during the week. Nothing discussed as far as meeting up. So she just took it upon herself to drop the fuck in, no prior notice, the way almost nobody ever does because it's rude as fuck. Maybe it would work out in an 80s movie, but that shit does not fly with me.

Probably it looked heartless to some of my coworkers that I refused to see someone I hadn't spoken to in 20+ years, but fuck it. We may have been friends in 4th grade, but that is a far fucking cry from now. We don't really know shit about each other at this point, except that her tendency towards being a inconsiderate and clueless bitch has not changed.

I'm not obligated to fulfill her demand for a Kodak moment, and I resent that she put me in that position. Fuck her til breakfast, I refused to enagage. Cold blood on tap. Goddamn right.

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