Jun. 1st, 2017

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Probably one of the overall best days I've had in a long time.

First was coming in early to work, opening the door expecting to walk into an over, and instead - sweet sweet cool air. A/C is back - FINALLY. After damn near a month. So nice to work and not be completely exhausted by the end of the day.

Pilston was back as well, which doesn't really qualify as anything especially great. No surprise that we get A/C back once he comes back from vacation. I guess he tried to joke about it a couple of times, and people were like, HELL NO. I told him that torches and pitchfolks were incoming and he was lucky we had A/C. He doesn't get to joke about that shit. He wasn't there suffering with us, his punk ass ran off to Lake Tahoe instead. Either he doesn't realize that this translates into unhappy employees and volunteers, or he just doesn't care. Goddamn one percenters. Callous fucking asshole. Fuck that noise, let's get back to my awesome day.

I caught a squirrel.

For real, with my bare hands, and a little help from BJ the resident RTHA. I caught a motherfucking squirrel and all I can think about is how much I want to do it again.

Cleaning habitats this morning, I notices the GHOWs looked extra grumpy, most likely due to an idiot squirrel running through their habitat. Being owls, they didn't give enough of a fuck to do anything about it, even after fasting that night.

Squirrels can be gutsy little tree ninjas and I don't mean any disrespect, but this motherfucker was dumb and didn't deserve a place in the gene pool. Little did I know I was going to do something about that shortly.

When I got to BJ's habitat, I noticed her in the top right rafters, intent on something. Same damn squirrel messing with her. Not really fair since she has so little flight to begin with - but she did have an excellent position to prevent him from reaching the section of fence where he could make an escape. She wanted that squirrel, but she wasn't going to be able to nail it without some help.

I took quick stock of the few tools available to me - deck brush and an empty bucket - and was overcome by a mighty need to get that squirrel for her. Squirrel knew shit got real once I came at him with the brush. He would try to slip past BJ, she would lunge at him and he'd run down. I'd swing at him with the brush, and he'd climb back up. We did this a few times before he took a mad dash past me, and accidentally cornered himself opposite from the escape route.

Don't try this at home, kids. No gloves or protective gear, and squirrels can fuck you up bad with a bite. Nothing to take him out but my own inner barbarian. He was stressed out and panting now, slow enough that I was able to get hold of his tail. I gave him a solid whack against a thick branch once I did, still not quite believing that I'd caught him. A few more hits and he was out.

BJ fucking saw me kill it, I imagine so did a couple other of the birds. They didn't exactly chant 'one of us, one of us' but I had the pleasant delusion that this was what they might be thinking. This is the closest I can really come to expressing my feels for them. This is probably the closest a person can get to making a bird of prey understand my meaning. Goddamn my adrenaline was through the fucking roof.

I put the squirrel in the bucket, and headed upstairs so I could gut it and split it up between BJ, Armando, and Ruby. Nice warm breakfast, fresh game I'd caught for them my own damn self. I felt so proud. I love offering them wild game whenever I have a chance, but this was so much better. I picked out the hindquarters for BJ, the best part, and brought them down after I'd pestered some coworkers and volunteers about how I'd procured it. Pilston looked a bit horrified, but I was too happy to care.

I can only imagine how amazing this will feel with a bird of my own to hunt with and help.

I'd already had breakfast, but was more than ready to get something for my lunch. Tuesday had been too hot for tacos, and Fred Friendly, our local crow liaison had been after me for tacos ever since he first got a bite last Tuesday. After taking a taste to determine if it was edible, he didn't fly off to cache it, but devoured the rest, feaking his messy beak right after. One of the egrets was trying to muscle in on it this time, neither Fred nor I were having any of that. I gave him a few more pieces before the last of the tacos were gone, and got my ass back to work.

Really good goddamn day. I would like to think Bitsy and Cal are proud of me as well for letting my inner predator out to play and scoring such sweet quarry.

Goddamn I am getting excited and anxious for August 15.

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